Powerball is often to be found supporting the Paintball industry through sponsoring teams
and events both in the UK and abroad.

UK Southern Masters 2012
Sterling Paintballs would like to congratulate Team Ronin for their successes at the UK Southern Masters using Sterling Excalibur and Sterling Mace. They have achieved several podium places through regular practise, dedication and their no-compromise approach to their choice of paint. We wish them every success in 2013 and beyond!

" Excalibur is the only choice if you are looking for consistent, professional paint that breaks on your opponents and not in your marker. Last season we experienced consistently high standards from Excalibur, which is exactly what I need as a captain and a player. With Excalibur, paint issues are the last thing on my mind."

Demon Paintball attended the 2 day "Chaos Jungle"
scenario paintball
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