Sterling Shield

Sterling’s mid-level field ball. Our best-selling line.

·    Accurate and dependable, the work-horse of field paints.

·    Resilient shell suitable for any rental gun


·    Available in four seasonal formulas: spring summer, autumn and Ice (winter)

·    Pure PEG based fill for easy end of day clean-up

·    Choice of 4 fill colours: Yellow, Orange, Green or Pink. Shell colours will vary.

Kevin Little at The War Game Co - England
" In the recent snow, it withstood temperatures of down to minus 5c, despite being carried around in players battle-packs.  Kevin has tried several other manufacturers’ paint over the years but has never had the constant high quality product and professional level of service that he has had from Powerball. On the rare occasion when he has had a problem, the sales staff have sorted it out amicably and without delay.